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Our History

Welcome to Bath , NY

In 1859, the Gass [sic] Company was granted the right to start laying pipes forWelcome to Bath Sign commercial, domestic and street lighting, which was delayed due to the Civil War. In 1887, Frank A. Hinds was granted the right to lay pipes beneath the streets to supply residences with water and improve fire protection.

In 1892, the Bath Electric Illuminating and Power Company was organized to furnish electricity to the Village’s residents and businesses. By 1913, many homes and businesses were converting their gas lighting to safer electric lights. Also, the two competing utility companies merged under the name of Bath Electric and Gas Light Company. At the time, the company sought, without success, to sell its electric operations and service and reliability deteriorated.

BEGWS Transfer Station

BEGWS SubstationThe Village residents approved a bond issuance to purchase the electric facilities portion of the company and establish a municipal electric system. The Mayor and Board of Trustees appoint a three-person board of light commission in 1916. The Village purchases the gas operations of the Bath Electric and Gas Light Company, establishing a municipal gas system in 1920. Natural gas is discovered in Rathbone and Woodhull and the Village enters into an agreement to build a pipeline from those areas to the Village.

The Bath Water Works Company informs the Village in 1934 it is unable to supplyBEGWS Office the volume of water for fire protection as required by their agreement with the Village. In 1935, the Village purchases the company and plans to construct sanitary and storm
sewers. In 1936, the Village Commissioners elect to do business as Bath Electric, Gas and Water Systems.

The first project of a comprehensive water system begins in 1950. In 1962, the first electric power is received from the New York State Power Authority. Bids are awarded for construction of a comprehensive sanitary sewer system in 1969 and work is completed by 1971. The Wastewater Treatment Plant approaches its designed capacities in 1991 and considerable renovation and upgrading work is necessitated. In 1993, the site, building plans, and specifications for the operation center were completed and bids for construction received. Commercial operations and records are moved to the South Avenue offices, where BEGWS is still located today.

Contact information

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Bath, New York 14810

Phone: (607) 776-2173 # 2
Email: CommercialOffice@begws.com